Before you sign up for a tenancy with West Herts Homes, we will explain our responsibilities to you, and your obligations to us. All of this will be confirmed in the tenancy agreement that you are provided with, which may be supplemented by a tenants’ handbook and/or other literature. Your tenancy agreement is a legal document, and a contract between you (as the tenant) and West Herts Homes (as your landlord).

As a landlord, we will ensure that the property you occupy is safe and we will carry out regular inspections to make sure any items that need repair or renewal are dealt with. We will also, at least on an annual basis, inform you of the rent that you are due to pay, together with any service charges and other charges you need to pay.

Like most housing associations, we will review rents prior to April each year, and inform you of any changes in line with government policy. We will give you 28 days prior notice of any increase in your rent and/or variation in your service charge(s).

You will have security of tenure, as defined by your tenancy agreement, so long as you meet the obligations of your tenancy.

Your main obligations are to pay the rent and any other charges that are due, on time; to report any repairs that are required; to keep your property clean and tidy; to help keep any communal areas clean and tidy; and to not do anything that may cause nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours or compromise your safety or the safety of your neighbours or any visitors. 

You must not store any inflammable or potentially explosive materials, or any illegal substances, at your property. West Herts Homes does not permit smoking in any of its properties. 

If you give notice to terminate your tenancy (see below), we require you to allow access for the Housing Officer to carry out a pre-termination inspection, and also allow the Housing Officer to show prospective tenants around your property at an agreed time.

West Herts Homes’ Housing Officer will visit twice yearly to assess your needs and property condition, reporting if any routine repairs will be required in the near future. The Housing Officer must be allowed access to the property and to assess your needs. 

If you have any concerns regarding your tenancy or the property where you live, please contact us immediately on 01442 244484. 

Assured Tenancy Agreement
Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement