Equality and Diversity Policy


West Herts Homes aims to provide high quality affordable housing and support services for those in housing need.
This policy sets out West Herts Homes commitment to promoting equality and diversity in and
across all of its activities and to meeting its responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010.


This policy applies to all areas of  West Herts Homes work and to all staff and all Board members. Contractors, suppliers, consultants, agencies, trade organisations etc. working for West Herts Homes will either be required to adhere to this policy or demonstrate that they have their own appropriate equal opportunity policy and practices in place.


All employees and Board members must comply with this policy.

Employees and Board members must not discriminate, harass or victimise any residents, employees, volunteers, applicants, members of the public or any other persons with whom they come into contact through West Herts Homes.

Senior staff and the Board are responsible for taking into account equality and diversity issues when developing policies and procedures for the company, and for ensuring that discrimination does not occur in the provision of services or employment.


West Herts Homes will:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to valuing equality and diversity in all its activities
  • Ensure that it meets its responsibilities under the Equalities Act 2010 and works to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Promote our equality and diversity aims with our partners, tenants, employees, and other stakeholders
  • Ensure that staff and Board members are aware of their responsibilities in implementing this policy, and that this policy forms a part of all induction into West Herts Homes for all staff and Board members
  • Aim to reflect the diverse needs of the communities that we serve through our staff, Board, and policies for the allocation of accommodation.
  • Comply with this policy in respect of its employment practices including recruitment and selection, promotion, conditions of employment, job descriptions, staff handbook and disciplinary processes etc.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis, to ensure that West Herts Homes is compliant with the law, best practice, and regulatory requirements. This policy was confirmed by the West Herts Homes Board in November 2018.