Safe Environments Policy (including Anti-Social Behaviour)

West Herts Homes owns, leases, and manages a range of properties for residential and office use. West Herts Homes is committed to ensuring that all properties that it has a responsibility for are safe for use at all times for customers, members of staff, visitors, contractors, and members of the public. To ensure that it meets its commitments, West Herts Homes will adopt, and where necessary will enforce, the following elements under the generic title of Safe Environments. 

General Principles

West Herts Homes will meet its responsibilities under all relevant Health and Safety legislation, and will arrange for all properties that it has responsibility for to be inspected on an annual basis. A record will be maintained of all inspections. Any non compliance with current Health and Safety requirements will be dealt with appropriately and promptly.

All members of staff are expected to take responsibility for their own health and safety at work, which includes:

  • the avoidance of any activities that may place their safety, or the safety of others, at risk
  • supporting and advising service users to use their accommodation in ways that do not create any hazards, nuisance, or health and safety risks, and, identifying any issues in the workplace that may require attention
  • Residents, contractors, visitors, and members of the public will be encouraged to inform West Herts Homes of any actual or potential risks to health and safety issues, that they identify   
  • Where there are any breaches of this policy, West Herts Homes will always aim to deal with the issue informally and sensitively, but at all times West Herts Homes reserves the right to take action under the terms of the tenancy agreement
  • All applicants for accommodation with West Herts Homes will be made aware of this policy, and will be asked to declare if they are aware of any lifestyle issues that may put them in breach of this policy   

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted on any of West Herts Homes’ premises, or within the curtilage of any building owned or managed by West Herts Homes

This prohibition extends to the homes and personal space within the homes that West Herts Homes owns or manages

Illegal drugs and substances

West Herts Homes has a zero tolerance approach to the use, distribution, storage, or sale of any illegal drugs or substances on any of its premises at any time.   

Property services

West Herts Homes will arrange for the following to be carried out, where required:

  • the servicing of all gas installations where it has a duty to do so under the Gas Safety regulations    
  • a fire risk assessment of all West Herts Homes’ properties 
  • the checking all electrical appliances, that are the property of West Herts Homes 
  • inspections of all water storage facilities, to test for Legionella and other water borne diseases      
  • inspections of all workplaces, and the carrying out of any remedial works      

Anti-Social Behaviour

West Herts Homes expects all the users of its services to have regard for the safety and comfort of their neighbours, people who they may share a home with, members of staff, visitors to their property, and the general public.   

Anti social behaviour may manifest itself in different ways – noise, behaviour which is offensive to others, uncleanliness, and hoarding are some examples. This is not an exclusive list.

Residents are responsible for their own actions and the actions of visitors to their property, and are encouraged not to do anything that may cause nuisance, annoyance, offence or distress to any other resident, member of staff, or member of the public.

Where anti social behaviour impacts on the safety or comfort for people using or visiting any of West Herts Homes’ properties, prompt and appropriate action will be taken, including an action for possession where necessary.

Health and Safety leads

The Office Manager will be the nominated lead member of staff for Health and Safety.

On an annual basis, the Board will agree a lead Board member to work with the Office Manager and the Chief Executive on matters of safety.


The Board will receive a report twice each year, on the safety within West Herts Homes.    


This policy was first adopted in 21 March 2017, and will be reviewed during 2019.