Anti-Social Behaviour

West Herts Homes expects all the users of its services to have regard for the safety and comfort of their neighbours, people who they may share a home with, members of staff, visitors to their property, and the general public.  

Anti-social behaviour may manifest itself in different ways – noise, behaviour which is offensive to others, uncleanliness, and hoarding are some examples. This is not an exclusive list.

Residents are responsible for their own actions and the actions of visitors to their property, and are encouraged not to do anything that may cause nuisance, annoyance, offence or distress to any other resident, member of staff, or member of the public.

Where anti-social behaviour impacts on the safety or comfort for people using or visiting any of West Herts Homes’ properties, prompt and appropriate action will be taken, including an action for possession where necessary.

No Smoking

  • Smoking is not permitted on any of West Herts Homes’ premises, or within the curtilage of any building owned or managed by West Herts Homes
  • This prohibition extends to the homes and personal space within the homes that West Herts Homes owns or manages

Illegal drugs and substances

West Herts Homes has a zero tolerance approach to the use, distribution, storage, or sale of any illegal drugs or substances on any of its premises at any time.  


We ask that all tenants minimise noise within their properties so that neighbours and/or members of the public are not disturbed or inconvenienced. Where there is evidence that noise is causing a problem for neighbours and/or members of the public, we will take action under the tenancy agreement and may seek request that the local authority uses its powers to abate the nuisance.


Hoarding of materials can create a fire hazard, be a risk to health, and create inconvenience for other occupiers of the property and to visitors. As such, hoarding creates a breach of the Conditions of Tenancy. West Herts Homes will work with tenants who are hoarding materials to try and overcome the problem, but where this is not possible we reserve the right to commence possession proceedings. Where any hoarded materials are being kept in any communal area, we may arrange for their removal and disposal after giving at least 14 days’ notice in writing. 

Explosives and Flammable Materials

Any items that may be explosive or create a fire risk must never be kept anywhere within a property, a communal area, or any area that is in the ownership and/or responsibility of West Herts Homes. If we are made aware that such materials are being kept, where there is evidence that this is so, and the tenant fails to immediately remove the materials, we will commence legal action to terminate the tenancy.