The Board

Board Members have ultimate responsibility for directing the activities of the Association, ensuring it is well run and delivering the objectives for which it has been set up.

In March 2016 West Herts Homes adopted the National Housing Federation’s Model Rules 2015, and in parallel, adopted the National Housing Federation’s Code Of Governance.  The full Board usually meets six times each year, with an Annual General Meeting and an annual Strategy Day being held in addition the regular cycle of Board meetings.

The Board currently has an Audit Committee which meets to discuss specific matters of business. 

At the beginning of 2017, the Board agreed that Board members should only serve for a maximum of two terms of three years (six years in total ) with the scope for members to serve an additional year if the Board agreed this was in the best interests of the Association.

The Board is collectively committed to the highest standards of governance, aiming for openness and accountability in all its business.  Board vacancies are advertised from time to time, and are always openly advertised. Board members are appraised on an annual basis, and on alternate years, this process is facilitated by an independent external adviser.

Mary Pedlow(Chair)

Mary joined the Board in 2016, and after serving as Vice Chair was elected Chair of the Board in March 2017. Previously, Mary had served as Vice Chair of the Board with a large regional housing association for 8 years. Mary brings wide expertise of housing associations, local government, and the health care sector, having held senior positions significant budgetary responsibilities with 3 local authorities, having Chaired an NHS Trust, and having served on national representative bodies for local government and the NHS. Mary is keen for West Herts Homes to offer an excellent service to all its customers, and build effective partnerships at all levels across Hertfordshire.

Linda Middleton(Vice Chair)

Linda, who joined the Board in 2016, has over 25 years of experience of working in housing and has gained a wide-ranging knowledge of the issues and challenges which housing associations face both now and in the future. With operational experience in a number of areas including strategic housing, housing allocations, homelessness and affordable housing delivery, Linda now works as a Transformation Manager in local government.

Deborah  Fenton

Deborah joined the Board in 2020, and has over 25 years’ experience of working in Housing, leading on the delivery of frontline services.  Deborah has recently expanded her portfolio to include Council House Building and Asset Management in addition to Housing Management, Homeownership and Estate Services.   She is passionate about providing excellent customer service which is shaped by the customer. 


Deborah is a Fellow member of the institute of Leadership and a Chartered Member of CIH.

Lakshmi Raghavachari(Vice Chair)

Lakshmi joined the Board in 2012. Lakshmi has consideral professional expertise in the HR field and currently works as a Senior HR Business Partner for a local authority. She is a Chartered member of the CIPD and a member of the Herts Branch.

Lakshmi is a member of West Herts Homes Audit Committee.

James Yates

James joined the Board in 2017. He is a Chartered Surveyor with substantial experience in investment, development and property management, predominantly in the private sector. He has a broad interest in history, architecture and motor sport.

Georgina Chapman

Georgina joined the Board in 2020.  She has over 10 years’ experience as a community engagement consultant, with a specialist exposure within the housing, planning and development industry.  Georgina has worked on the development of new housing projects in Bedfordshire and in Peterborough. She is a member of the Consultation Institute and Public Affairs Board.

Georgina has been a member of Felbridge Parish Council for the past four years, and was elected as their Chairman in 2019.

Lisa Keane

Lisa joined the Board in 2020.   Lisa is currently a practicing commercial solicitor who advises on commercial matters, working mainly with technology companies. 

During her 14 years as a commercial solicitor and general counsel she has advised the Boards of several businesses, creating strategic opportunities and change management. 

Lisa is a member of the Law Society and has a law degree from Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford.