About us

West Herts Homes is a housing association based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. We are a provider and manager of homes, registered with the Regulator of Social Housing and we are a member of the National Housing Federation.


In May 2019, West Homes became the successor body to CTHA ( Cherry Tree Housing Association ) which had been established in 1975, and provided homes and services to vulnerable people in south and west Hertfordshire and the London Borough of Barnet  

West Herts Homes Today

We currently own and manage a mix of both self contained accommodation, and homes with shared facilities. Our new development programme will focus our future growth in west Hertfordshire, in keeping with our name, and we will be building homes for a variety of tenures from 2020 onwards.

West Herts Homes as a landlord

As a landlord we are proud of the personal service that we are able to provide to our tenants, and we aim to develop on this in the future. In 2018 were listed at position 39 in the Top 50 Landlords In The UK, which was welcome recognition of the excellent service that we provide.    

From 2016 onwards, the association that was CTHA went through a transformational change process to create the West Herts Homes of today.  As ever, we will be agile and flexible to ensure that we are fit for the challenges of the present and the future, but our core values will never be compromised.  

We have a committed team of staff, and a Board that brings a wide range of skills to help steer our strategic decision making.   

If you require any further information about any of our activities please get in touch.


West Herts Homes as a landlord

West Herts Homes is committed to the highest standards in housing management. Reflecting the performance  West Herts Homes has achieved since 2016, in 2018 West Herts Homes was placed at position 39 in the list of the Top 50 Landlords In The UK.  

West Herts Homes is exploring new ways to engage with and seek feedback from all the users of its services, and this will be an ongoing process.


West Herts Homes as a provider of 'Supported Living Services and Care'

Where individual contracts are in place, we also provide support to assist people to live independently. We have a small and experienced support staff team, who can provide support on a peripatetic basis.

Supported Living